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RE: Does anyone out there know where to get nutrition info for restaurant
chains not like Mcdonald's (I have Lily's guide) but to places like Red
Lobster, Applebee's Chili's etc. I tried calling the company's but they
weren't very helpful.

You might try the book "Fast Food Facts" by Marion J. Franz, Ms., R.D, CDE,
ISBN1-56561-1, Chronimed Publishing.  It has several fast food restaurants,
but also has Red Lobster, Ponderosa and Denny's, just to name a few.  My
husband hates the book-he doesn't want to know how many fat grams are in
his Whopper with chees and large fries!  :-)  The book lists calories,
carbs, protein, fat, sat fat, cholesterol, sodium and exchanges.  Price
varies whether you buy trade or pocket-size paperback.

Another excellent book that would help in non-chain restaurants is
"Exchanges for All Occasions" also by Marion Franz, ISBN 1-885115-35-0.
This book lists claories, fat, carbs and exchanges for common dishes served
in Asian (Chinese and Japanese), Indian, Italian, Jewish and Mexican (just
to name a few) restaurants, some fast food restaurants, some common
convenience foods.  It also makes suggstions for smart choices in these
restaurants, for snacking, etc.  It is a good "all-around book" for anyone
who is carb-counting.

RE: "I have a friend whose 7 year old daughter is IDDM.  She has been a
diabetic for
about 4 years.  Her blood sugars are very inconsistent and usually on the high
side.  Her ped. has just informed them that she is insulin resistant and the
only advice he gave was to not let her lose or gain weight and to do the best
they could with her injections.  Her mom has asked me to ask this group if
have any ideas to help her and if the pump will work.  Any advice would be
helpful.  Unsure what kind of insulin she is presently taking.
Thanks, Gina"

I am what some have called Type 1 1/2 (I didn't make it up-though I am
leaning towards the label "Type Wierdo!").  I am insulin resistant but I
don't produce any insulin either.  If her daughter does not produce insulin
then the pump is the way to go, no question.  Her insulin resistance is
irrelevant-she will just pump more insulin than someone else her age.  If
mom is motivated to help her daughter with the pump therapy then I would
find a doctor willing to work with them.  In fact that is what I did.  When
I got a no answer I found someone willing to work with me and I have never
regretted it.  My HBA1c is now 7.0, down from 10.6!  Don't give up!!!

Kim, pumping since July 1998

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