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No Subject

Joanne wrote:

>HELP!  I went this morning to get an A1C at my endo's.  He had a 'new
>that does what is called a Frutosamine Test(please, excuse the spelling) that
>tests for sugar over the past month.  The test took about 5 minutes to run.
>It said my average for the past month was 210!  Well, not according to my

I hate to tell you but someone messed up in your doctor's office.
(Unfortunately they probably won't admit it!  I had a ER doctor do an
Accucheck and get a reading of 140, my meter said 340 at the same time.
The lab test came back at 319-but her meter was right because they
calibrate it every day! Oh well, enough ranting! :-)) Diabetes
Self-Management magazine had a article about various blood tests for
measuring overall control and they highlighted the fructosamine test.
According to the article a fructosamine level of 250 would mean your
average blood glucose level would be 120 and your HbA1c would be 6.  Since
your level was lower at 210 YOU ARE DOING GREAT!  You can read the article
in the May June 1998 issue of Diabetes Self-Management or read the entire
article online at:


And to everyone who has made suggesstions about my "itchy belly" problem,
both privately and in this digest, I give a heart-felt THANK YOU!!!  I will
try everyone of your suggestions.  And to Ted, I will try putting the
IV3000 under the set, I was just putting it over the set.  Everyone has
been a tremendous help!  It's nice to talk with people who truly understand
what I am facing.  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!

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