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[IP] Prescriptions

I was curious if anyone has ever had trouble with blood sugars when taking
Claritan? My son was put on it a week ago and has had wacky sugars. He was
relatively stable before OR we could always predict why it had gone up or
down. Now, NOT! The Dr.s took him off that and is trying Amoxicillin for it
now. He has big time post nasal drip to the point where he annoys everyone
around him! With the claritan, he has had awful bloody noses too! 

Funny story...at midnight we were trying to take Kevins bgs because they were
high at bedtime and we gave him H.  So, anyway, we were trying to get a finger
stick and having trouble getting the blood out. Kevin woke up at that point
with a fierce bloody nose that just wouldnt stop! Dont think we didnt think of
using THAT blood! ha ha. We had to stick his poor finger 3 times to get it to
bleed. I dunno why. But anyway, we had a laugh about picturing ourselves
putting the monitor under his nose!!!  Things we do.

Take care,
Robin (one month to pumping!)
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