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Re: [IP] Frequent basal changes

>Date: Wed, 31 Mar 1999 06:57:09 -0500
>From: "bdniles" <email @ redacted>
>Subject: [IP] Frequent basal changes
>A lot has been said on the list about once basals are set they are =
>rarely changed...is anyone else having trouble with having to change =
>their basals frequently? I was wondering if anyone else =
>fluctuates or if I just haven't discovered the right basals yet?

My basals do not stay the same, neither does my insulin / carb ratio. I also
had the same problem before the pump. I've made as few as 2 changes and as
many as 9 during a month. I generally make subtle changes because I go to
the other extreme very easily. Often, soon after I've corrected the problem,
it changes again and I have to start all over. I really hate to test
overnight because I don't sleep well anyway, and that really tires me out.
But sometime I just have to. After 2.5 yrs on the pump I'm finally accepting
the fact that change is frequent and am learning to cope with it as best I
can by testing often.

This list is the first place I've found with people talking about frequent
changes in bgs even with the pump. Most books and resources do not address
this. That would be an interesting statistic to compile - How many have
generally stable bgs on the pump? How many continue to have erratic bgs?

dxd 7/81
pumping since 9/96

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