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Re: [IP] Frequent basal changes

I'm doing the same thing and was planning to ask the same question today and then I saw your letter. I've set my basals all over the place and of course tested each time and the numbers seem okay and then a few weeks later I am running too high or low again.Monday at 7a.m. I was 140< yest. it was 166 and this morning I was 163.   When I went to bed all three nights.I went to bed with around 120 each night. I did the basal rate test two weeks ago and rest my rate from 3am to 9am to0.9 and all was on target for a while and now this.  I also seem to see sporatic highs and sometimes I can explain and other times I cant.  When on my period I tend to run low and have to lower the rates all day for several days by 0.1 for each hour. This month that didn't work as the last two times At suppertime on the 1st  day I was ok but 4 hrs later I was 210 and had to raise it all back. Since then(I'm since on my period) I have run not overly high but as these fasting these three morning's show about like that.  I thought all was okay but now maybe not. could it be my hormones are fluctuating somewhat.  I'v also noticed in the last couple of days my allergies are flaring up. I got a prescription from my endo for Allegra and started it yest. Have i also not discovered the right basals yet.  I like Deb have been pumping longer than the doctor and the cde told it would take to get things right.  They tell me I'm a perfectionist and threantened to send me to Atlanta to another endo to show me that maybe this is as good as it gets. By the way I have lost 20 lbs. while all of this has been going on also so could this make establishing basals difficult( the weight loss has leveled off now but I want to lose 10 more to be at an acceptable weight according to my doctor)Sheila

bdniles wrote:

 A lot has been said on the list about once basals are set they are rarely changed...is anyone else having trouble with having to change their basals frequently? I have a couple of vanilla days then something starts creeping up. This time I didn't even get a vanilla day. I had been working on my mid-morning to lunch time sugars (yesterday I was perfect) except that now I need to track my nighttimes. Monday I woke around 6a with a 302 (went to bed around 9 with 123 plus 10CHO snack). Tuesday at 1am I was 286 (but had played volleyball and had done a temp lower basal (which usually works) did a bolus and woke around 6 with 170. Last night I was 233 around 9, bolused checked at 1a and was 129, awoke at 6 at 332. Here we go again! I do have a history of not having much pattern before I went on the pump and during my period I'm all over the board. At least on the pump I seem to be able to see patterns and fix them, unfortunately they keep changing. My A1C for the first three months on the pump was 6.1 so the hard work is definitely worth it and I must be doing something right. But I was wondering if anyone else fluctuates or if I just haven't discovered the right basals yet? Thanks. Debdxd 7/77pumping since 12/98