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[IP] Someone please explain

I am having some trouble understanding what has happened here.  I had a lond
day yesterday in that my bedtime blood check was also my dinner check.  I was
156.  I had a slice and a half of pizza.  I bolused 3 units for each slice.  I
went to bed.  I woke up at 2:30 am and checked and I was 206.  I thought not
bad for pizza.  I took 2 units to bring it down and went back to bed.  Now at
9:00am I am 290!!!!!!  I don't have ketones.  I don't understand what
happened.  Can someone help me understand.  P.S.  I have only had pizza twice
since going on the pump a year and a half ago so I'm not good with the blouses
for it.  I remember someone saying something about the fat and protein in food
like pizza.  Could that be my problem.

              Cheri :)
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