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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #17

A few questions, which I'm sure have been covered here before, but not since I've
joined the list.

1.    I currently use Velosulin, which has been fine for me.  My CDE frequently
suggests that I might want to try
      Humalog.  I'm a little reluctant to fix something that is not broken, but would
like to hear about others'
      experiences making that switch.  What specifically has been positive/negative
about switching?

2.     I use QRs and have had ongoing issues with tape.  The original tape caused
major irritation, so I used
        Polyskin, then inserted the set, then put the MiniMed tape over it.  That was
fine, until they came out with
        the new, unimproved tape.  It doesn't irritate my skin, but it certainly
doesn't last long!  Anyway, I'm
        wondering about the Silhouettes that seem to be a hot topic on this list.
Feedback, please.  Are they also
        quick release?



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