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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #15

Personally, I smack the side of the syringe with a pair of scissors, which is also very effective.  And
something you might never find reference to in a medical book! :)  I'm with Bernard--don't worry about the
little bubbles.


From: email @ redacted (Bernard Farrell)
Subject: Re: [IP] air in the syringe

You'll always get a certain amount of air into the syringe (cartridge)
because you can't expel the air in the neck of the syringe. I was shown that
flicking the cartridge (I use a Minimed) with a ballpoint pen is much more
effective that flicking with my finger -- you really need to HIT that thing.

I've always had a few very small bubbles left. I don't worry about those too


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