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Re: [IP] eating out

I use "The Carbohydrate Addict's Gram Counter" by Drs. Richard & Rachael
Heller.  It is a small paper back book that has all kind of foods in it with
the carb, calories,  & fat count.  There are a few ethnic style meals and some
fast food places.  I have done pretty well by using this book.  It goes
everywhere with me.  There is supposed to be a book that has the carbs for
many chain restaurants (not just fast foods), but I have misplaced the name
and I don't remember where I got the name.  If anyone knows of the book I am
talking about I would appreciate the name.  I can pretty much figure out the
carbs with the above book, but it would be nice to have the chain restaurant
book.  Since getting connected to my pump, eating out has really gotten easy.
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