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[IP] O.K. Now I Am Mad..

I sure know what you mean about the drinks.  That is why I carry around a vial
of Diastix Reagent Strips for Urinalysis!  I cut the little things in half
lengthwise so I get 100 for the price of 50.  I dip one into my drink right in
front of the counter person be it at Mc Donald's, the movies, etc.  I'm
usually asked "what is that for?" and I GLADLY explain.  I've caught regular
cola drinks coming out of diet spouts one too many times - once at the
Carnation Plaza Restaurant at  Disneyland.  After asking for a replacement at
one theater I was informed that they were all out of diet and had hooked the
regular up to it.  I then told them very nicely that wasn't a real smart thing
to do and let them know why.  The little gal didn't realize that people other
than dieters required sugar-free colas, bless her heart.  I bet she doesn't
serve them now without thinking about diabetes.  At one time I used to rather
hide and test these drinks, but found it better when the drinks tested
positive to do it right in front of the counter person or waiter.  They always
wonder how I could tell and I'd have to use another strip to show them!  

Take care all, Joanne Mc
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