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Re: [IP] Pregnancy/artifical sweetners

At 5:18 PM -0800 3/29/99, Ruth Elowitz wrote:

>Just curious:  what constitutes a ton?  One can of soda?  Two?  Etc?  (I
>miss my diet soda but start to get worried when I start drinking them
>every day or
>even a couple a day).
Hi Ruth,

Well, one of the nurse/practioners told a story about a patient who was
using 40 packets (if I remember correctly) of Equal a day, and that was
considered way too much. :-)

Seriously though, during my pregnancies, I drank 1-2 cups of tea a day
(decaf in the first trimester), and I'd use a 1/2 pack of Equal in each of
those. Then, if I wanted a diet Coke, I'd have one, although that wasn't
the norm. I usually drank seltzer or mineral water.

I don't know how much nutrasweet is in a can of soda, but I, personally,
think the equivalent of 2-4 packets of nutrasweet a day is reasonable. I
know opinions vary on artificial sweeteners in pregnancy, but because of
DM, we have to either do a lot of extra things or give up a lot of extra
things, I think a little bit of comfort (i.e., diet soda, tea, etc.) is
important. If I were you, I'd enjoy my can of diet soda. :-) Actually, I
tended to be more concerned about caffeine than nutrasweet--gee, *another*
thing to worry about. :-)

Take care,


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