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Re: [IP] Basal v.s. Bolus Question

Jack and Connie O'Brien wrote:
> I know you are probably not doctors, but I have a general question.
> I'm showing a pattern of higher than desireable BG after lunch and supper.
> I'm still on a flat baseline basal of 2.1 for each of the 24 hour intervals.
> Would you change the bolus amont before meals, or the basal rate during those
> time periods?  

It depends on how long the high is more than anything else. A bolus increase
will most likely help if the high is generally about as long as the insulins 
activity curve. Ih using R or V that would be about 4 hours, Humalog 2 hours.

I'm on a Disetronic pump.  I could set a temporary basal
> rate and see what happens.

Yes, a temporary basal increase is the other approach, and given such 
consistency in your routine it may work better, especially if the high runs
for longer than the insulin covers.

> Should the rate change be before the meal?  

Again, depends on insulin used. Put simply, do you bolus at the start of a meal
1/2 hour (or whatever) before? Same answer would apply.

Ted Quick
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