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Re: [IP] Fun with the Pump

I must say I like that Ginny.. i do the same i don't hide it at all and
sometimes i want people to see it just to hear the comments they have...
like  "is that a foley cath.?"  when they just seen the tubing...

I like those educational discussions..

I have also ran across those people that start talking about D and the pump
 (not know that i was both) and make some common errors or say something
extreamly off the wall about the pump  and try to agrue with me that they
know EVERYTHING about the pump and D... that is until i pull my pump out
he he..

>In restaurants I take my pump and place it on the table so tubing
>shows..then I
>put in the audio bolus and then I kinda peek at people as the look in horror
>(giggle) but many times this type of "fun" has brought about some very
>educational discussions.
>SOmetimes when I get out of the car the movement makes the tubing show..I let
>it show...if I am going to be sick I may
>as well have fun :)
>Anyone else?
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