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Re: [IP] eating out

I took a class in college that handed out papers on ALOT of foods and there
lay out i am  not sure if they have carbs on it or not   but i am sure they
do... i will try and find that handout and scan it and send it to whom ever
wants it...

also when i became D i was given a little book that had fast food places
and their exchange ratios... i never use it because i count carbs....  

At 12:45 PM 3/30/1999 -0500, you wrote:
>Does anyone out there know where to get nutrition info for restaurant
>chains not like Mcdonald's (I have Lily's guide) but to places like Red
>Lobster, Applebee's Chili's etc. I tried calling the company's but they
>weren't very helpful.  My dietitcian said don't eat there, but that
>elimanates alot of places.I thought one of the plus's of being on the
>pump would be that kind of flexibility.  How do other's handle this
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