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Re: [IP] Itchy Belly!

Kim Hughes wrote:
> Is anyone having problems with their site itching? 

Not since I stopped using QRs and started using Comforts 
(aka Tenders/Silhouettes).

 Mine is driving me
> crazy!  I am using the Minimed Sofset QR, IV 3000 dressing and using IV
> Prep before inserting.  The problem has been recent, well the past 6 weeks.
>  I have been on the Minimed 507c since July of last year and did not have a
> problem until recently.  I change my site every day because the longer I
> leave it in the worse the problem gets, progressing to bleeding-I know,
> gross!  The redness is confined to the area covered by the set and does not
> extend out to under the dressing, so I don't think I am allergic to the
> IV3000.  Any suggestions?

Sounds like you've developed an allergy to the stickum on the base. Seems to
happen rather frequently around here.... As someone already mentioned. a 
complete covering of IV3000 under the set may be the fastest answer for you.
Checking into getting Silhouettes/Tenders/Comforts may be the better long term
answer though. I don't think I've seen anything about people getting allergic
to their tape base, or no more than 1 anyway.
> I've also been reading about the battery problem.  I am lucky to get 3
> weeks out of my batteries if I use Minimed ones.  The Everready batteries I
> bought only lasted three days!  Minimed (a tech support supervisor, no
> less) says the problem is my fault because I stored the batteries in the
> frig (like the user manual says) but then when the problem didn't get any
> better after leaving them out of the frig it was my fault because I didn't
> store them properly, ie according to the directions in the user manual
> which says keep them in the frig! 

Actually, keeping batteries refrigerated is only reasonable if you need to
store them for a year or more at a time. Batteries DO lose power slowly when 
sitting around, but not very fast. Of course batteries found in stores may
be of ANY age, those from MiniMed seem to be rotated much faster.

Something else that happened to me with my old 506 once. It suddenly crashed
with some alarm sounds, then came back up with no program in memory. Talked 
it over with Tech Help and they told me tyo check the battery holder. I found
the bottom end of it had a crack in the plastic supporting the contact so it 
would usually hold shape, but lose contact when I moved a certain way. They sent
me a new 1 and it corrected it.

I doubt this is possible, but if you have this problem and it leads to high 
resistance at the contact rather than disconnect it COULD wear your batteries
fast. Another thing, the contacts on the holder may be corroded, though it can't 
be seen. This WILL lead to high resistance, and is fairly easy to correct. You
need to take a soft (probably pink) pencil eraser and clean them off.

 My pump also looses time and sometimes
> the display is screwy, but according to Minimed there is nothing wrong with
> the pump.  Just wanted to "vent" my frustrations about Minimed!  ;-(

Somebody said that the clock in our pumps is put on hole when it's actively 
pumping, which would account for them tending to be slow, especially if you
pump larger then normal amounts daily.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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