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[IP] OK now i am mad

I had another  bad experience with a fast food joint....

Today at lunch i went in and ordered just like always  but did not pay
attention to when they made the Drink (diet coke) and i asked them after
they made it if it was diet and they said "yes"..  so i sat down and
started to eat and i noticed that it tasted a little different (i can't
really tell the difference between diet and regular any more) so i stopped
drinking it when it was already half empty and headed home with the coke to
test it (with a glucose strip.. i ran out of one touch strips, which i get
from my old machine) and it turned up positive, but just to make sure i
also tested a diet and a regular drink.... hmmmm now that makes me mad.. my
sugar is up and it really ticks me off... once i go back i am going to call
the regional office and complain and ask them to explain to the stores in
this area  why some people drink diet and to reinforce that REGULAR COKE

now i feel a little better.. even though my stomach is doing loops and
going into knots... i hate this feeling

Brian Carter
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