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Re: [IP] Diabetes Supplies

> Had an interesting discussion with my insurance company yesterday. 
> They don't want to pay for Kim's supplies because I'm not getting
> them from IHC.  I've been ordering them from Intermountain Diabetes
> Supply Co.  (IDS is a listed provider)  When I asked them why IDS
> was in their provider book if I couldn't use them  (Seemed like a
> logical question to me!)  I was told that they had an agreement with
> IHC that all of the durable diabetes supplies would be purchased
> through them.  The only reason the IDS was listed in their book was
> because they HAD to list anyone who qualified as a provider for
> them..but I still couldn't use them. 

You have them by the short hairs so to speak. I'm willing to bet that 
the contract says you are to use the suppliers in the "book". They 
are bound by the contract. Verbally notifying you of a change is not 
adequate, per their own contract, notification is required in writing 
and they must treat everyone under the plan the same. In addition, 
they are obligated to provide a "qualified" supplier of the what you 
need, not just a name, but a company that actually has the supplies 
and can service your needs in a timely fashion. Time to kick it 
upstairs.  A call to the office of the plans medical director might 
do wonders. He/She will probably kick some a.... when this story 
comes to light.

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