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Re: [IP] basal rates

> I suspect she's showing a growthpattern that's been noted in
> youngsters: it seems the body gets busy growing during the night, so
> you get a reverse Dawn Phenomenon.

Lily's basals jump a half unit when she goes to sleep. the increase 
is DEPENDENT on the time that she actually goes to sleep. You can 
check this by very carefully profiling (pain in the......). If this 
is the case, I suggest you set her basal rates for waking rates until 
at least 2 hours after her normal sleep time. Set a temporary basal 
rate when she goes to bed that will cover her (higher) insulin needs 
until the standard rate takes over 2 hours later. This will insure 
that staying up late does not provoke a crash and allows day to day 
adjustment in case there is an evening low brought on by a not to 
accurate dinner bolus. The time from dinner to sleep with H needs to 
be 4+ hours to be really sure this isn't a problem. Longer for pizza, 
etc.... You'll get the hang of it.

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