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Re: [IP] Backlight

"Natalie A. Sera" wrote:
> Practically every time I clip or unclip my 507C (Murgatroyd) from my
> pants, I inadvertently turn on the backlight.  Bad for the batteries!!!!

No, not bad for them, just weras thm out faster....
> Am I just a klutz, or what?? Any suggestions?

No, you're not a klutz, just seems you push a bit too far up the pump
housing when you unclip it from your belt. I generally have the leather
case on mine, and unclip it by pushing on the seam at the bottom ot
the flap rather than the body of the pump itself, rather than a 
certain litle button right next to it.

Another answer would be to get the other leather case, that rolls the
pump down sideways, and the clip isn't used at all. Of course that's
another thing to buy.
> At the moment, I have the creeping crud that's going around 

Oh no, the creeping crud! Maks me glad you're so far away...

-- the day
> BEFORE I got sick, my BGs were a bit high all day, but since the
> symptoms actually showed up, I've been fine. Yesterday, I was battling
> lows.

Illnesses can give some strange tweaks to our roller-coaster charts, 
can't they.
> Type Weird for a reason,

OK, "weird for a reson," Any other requests???

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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