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Re: [IP] air in the syringe

susan leahey wrote:
> Does anyone have any tips on how to draw up th insulin into the syringe w/o
> getting air in it? We had a terrible time doing this with my son's site
> chage on Sun. (it was our first time). We ended up back at the endo's
> yesterday to do it again. Ryan is using the Minimed 507c. I've been
> practicing on and off since we got home and I still end up with bubbles in
> the neck.I flick them out but they seem to multiply.  Any help would be
> appreciated. 

OK, the main thing is you have to get most air out of the neck before flicking
the syringe or it DOES just break up the bubbles and spread them around. After
you push air into the vial with it held right side up (bottom on a table, for
instance) pull about half as much insulin in as needed into the syringe then 
push the remaining air out. Have no more air in the neck, perhaps just a small
bubble in the needle base, then flick the side of the syringe with it held
at about 45 degrees or somewhat more, and transfer all bubbles still there
into the neck. Push collected bubbles into the vial  if they build up too much.

That's how I do it, anyway.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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