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[IP] Test Results Don't Make Sense

Dear Michael and Bob:  Thank you for the great advise.  I just knew that
number couldn't be right!  After receiving your message, Bob, I check the site
out and then gave the doctor a call.(Great to be armed with a bit of knowledge
about the testing!)  Well, the results weren't read by the regular gal (who
was taking a patient to the hospital, bless her heart!), and when the doctor
looked at it again when I called, caught it!  THANK GOODNESS!  I would have
had high blood surgars worrying about it!  I just couldn't believe those
results at all - I would have felt absolutely crumbyfor one thing.. Besides,
with all the readings I've been doing, there was no way I wouldn't have caught
those highs.

Thank you guys!!  What would we do without each other?  I can't wait for the
day that I'll have tons of knowledge under my belt (which will more than
likely hold a pump!) and be able to help others.  Thank you so much for being

Love to ya all, Joanne Mc
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