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[IP] Got my supplies!

Called my MiniMed rep. Told her about the problems with BC/BS of Georgia.
Did that yesterday..And today I get a call from MiniMed and the supplies will
be here in 3 days! The MiniMed Company really knows what they are doing.
I am doing alot better on the MiniMed 507C Insulin pump. I was switched
over to
the MiniMed from the Disetronic because of the sqaure and dual wave bolus
options. It seems my body works better with using the dual wave bolus instead
of just a straight bolus.
Remember how frustrated I was? I am a happy camper.
My pain and auto immune diseases were keeping my BGs very high.
I now have BGs under 200! Even with prednisone and cyclosporine and my pain
doesn;t cause my BGs to go soaring because I have better control. I use dual
wave even in between meals when  BGs go high.
My pump name is Mon Ami (My Friend) it helps to keep me alive.
I cannot use humulog so am using velosulin.  
My bgs also are no longer all over the place.
No matter what pump you decide on get on the pump..
My doctor believes most anyone using insulin would do better on the pump.
Glad I have him  for my doctor.
I am using the soft set quick release and it works great for me..
Ginny (my pump is blue)-wish they had pink..

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