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Time to call the pump comp rep and ask them to help./ Mine called the doctor
office..faxed them a type of letter he needed to fill out..they did and it was
faxed back. I would think your control of diabetes IS a MEDICAL necessity..put
it that way to the doc and his staff.  

At 05:52 PM 3/30/99 , you wrote:
>I went to the information session at the endo's clinic to learn all of the
>facts a had gathered in the last month from the net and the books I have
>I wore the pump with saline for two days to see if i could stand being hooked
>up twenty four hours a day.  I saw the endo and explained I have researched
>and worn the pump.  The doc said fine.      I figured o.k. here comes the
>part fighting with hmo. NOPE , here it is a week after seeing the doc ant the
>staff still can't find time to send the papers to the hmo for approval. "we
>are very busy and have to handle calls by priority". I have been calling
>day for status report this week. So Now What? Should  I fire the lot and
>over with new doc or keep reminding them to do their job every day? Sorry I'm
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for mail subscription assistance, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org