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I went to the information session at the endo's clinic to learn all of the
facts a had gathered in the last month from the net and the books I have read.
I wore the pump with saline for two days to see if i could stand being hooked
up twenty four hours a day.  I saw the endo and explained I have researched
and worn the pump.  The doc said fine.      I figured o.k. here comes the hard
part fighting with hmo. NOPE , here it is a week after seeing the doc ant the
staff still can't find time to send the papers to the hmo for approval. "we
are very busy and have to handle calls by priority". I have been calling every
day for status report this week. So Now What? Should  I fire the lot and start
over with new doc or keep reminding them to do their job every day? Sorry I'm
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