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Joanne wrote:

>HELP!  I went this morning to get an A1C at my endo's.  He had a 'new machine'
>that does what is called a Frutosamine Test(please, excuse the spelling) that
>tests for sugar over the past month.  The test took about 5 minutes to run.
>It said my average for the past month was 210!  Well, not according to my log.

I'm wondering if they read the results incorrectly. According to LXN Corp,
who makes the Duet meter, fructosamine test results of 310 umol/L and under
indicate good control. A reading of 210 umol/L might jive with the results
of your BG tests, indicating good control for the past month. Just a
thought ...

I hesitate to suggest that someone mis interpreted the results, but it is a
possibility. There's some more info on the Duet meter at:


Bob Burnett

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