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HELP!  I went this morning to get an A1C at my endo's.  He had a 'new machine'
that does what is called a Frutosamine Test(please, excuse the spelling) that
tests for sugar over the past month.  The test took about 5 minutes to run.
It said my average for the past month was 210!  Well, not according to my log.
In fact, I had just lowered my basal rate this morning because of trouble with
lows the past two days.  I was ill for a good two weeks this month, but even
at that, my readings - except for a couple of days - were good.  And those
couple of days never got much over 300 but a couple of times.  He had me check
all 3 of my meters when I got home to compare #'s with his and call him with
the results.  All were in the ballpark.  

I'm changing my basals by one to two tenths as per his suggestion, in the
upward direction, but I'm really worried about lows now.  I am very reluctant
to raise my midnight to 7:00 am basal.  My reading this morning was 51.  

I've only been on the pump for a bit over a month.  I THOUGHT I was doing just
great!  I check at least 8 to 10 times a day and I just can't even see where
this number 210 came from.  Except for a couple of days when sick, and one day
that I had to do another set, all has been fine.

Any suggestions??

Thank you so much.  Joanne Mc
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