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[IP] Insulin resistance? + batteries

I've been pumping almost a year now, and it seems like my insulin (H)
demands are constantly increasing. Basals are O.K., carb intake fairly
constant, sites rotated, no exercise changes. Yet, I find my pre- meal
bolus lead time and amount is increasing in order to maintain the same
level of acceptable control. Total daily units has increased about 10%
in the past 10 months. Is this normal / common?  I will admit though,
that my A1c has dropped during the same period from 9.5 to 6.2 ,  thanks
to those  " comforting clicks " !  Long as it keeps clicking, ....I'll
keep ticking!  Perhaps I'm still adjusting, but the increase concerns
me.  Any ideas?  

As for the batteries, EVERY set has alarmed @ 52 days. Such consistency!
 YMMV, since I use a square wave frequently.

Ed Downing (bogger)
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