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Re: [IP] Itchy Belly!

> I change my site every day because the
> longer I leave it in the worse the problem gets, progressing to
> bleeding-I know, gross!  The redness is confined to the area covered
> by the set and does not extend out to under the dressing, so I don't
> think I am allergic to the IV3000.  Any suggestions?
Sounds like your allergic to the set adhesive.
Put a piece of IV3000 on your skin first. Apply the set through it 
(no hole). Then put another over the set to hold it in place. That 
should solve the problem and.... it will help in the summer when you 

> I've also been reading about the battery problem.  I am lucky to get
> 3 weeks out of my batteries if I use Minimed ones.  The Everready
> batteries I bought only lasted three days!  Minimed (a tech support
> supervisor, no less) says the problem is my fault because I stored
> the batteries in the frig (like the user manual says)
Unless it is unusually hot where you store them, they don't need to 
be in the frig. Don't use the light.
> My pump also looses time and sometimes the display is screwy,
> but according to Minimed there is nothing wrong with the pump.

Sounds like there IS something wrong with the pump. Document the 
descrepancies as they occur. When the list reaches half a page or a 
page, call them again.

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