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Re: [IP] basal rates

> Question:  Erica's sugars consistently go up after 11:30pm.until mid
> morning. Most nights we see this....  11:30pm-108, 3:00am- 234,
> 7:00am-180 My question is, if we want to stop the gradual rise in
> blood sugars around midnight to 3am, when do we increase the basal
> rate....would it be 1-2 hours before the actual onset of increased
> blood sugars and then lower the basal rate 1-2 hours before it
> actually starts to show a pattern of coming down?  Most of the
> literature is based on Regular insulin and Humalog is so much
> faster.
If Erica responds normally to H, then start 2 hours ahead. i.e. start 
"X" hours ahead of when the insulin peaks for her. ONLY do increments 
of 0.1, don't do big jumps. A small change can make a big difference. 
It is better to have her bg's rise 50+ points during the night than 
have a crash.

See the tool on the HOWTO PAGE

"Insulin Pumpers Basal Rate Estimator"

This will allow you to play with a model of her bg response.

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