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Re: [IP] Re Erica

Duck And Barb wrote:
> We had to get an Autoject  so she could load her insulin in a
> needle, put the needle in the autoject, and IT did the puncture AND
> pushed in the insulin too.  We will be working on making her comfortable
> with insertions hopefully, but she is more than content to allow us to
> do it for now.  

Well, the MiniMed Rep said that they are coming out with a new set at
the end of the year which will have the best features of both currently
available sets. One thing about the SofSet is that it DOES have the Sof
Serter -- and the contraption DOES make insertion easier. So if the new
one goes in like a Silhouette, but has a gizmo like the SofSerter, that
could help.

The other thing to remember is that Erica is still VERY little -- and
the pump is a brand-new thing for her -- she has a LONG time in front of
her to do it herself! She will, eventually! You can't stop kids from
growing up, and Erica is certainly no different from the rest of

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