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Re: [IP] air in the syringe

susan leahey wrote:
> Does anyone have any tips on how to draw up th insulin into the syringe w/o
> getting air in it? We had a terrible time doing this with my son's site
> chage on Sun. (it was our first time). We ended up back at the endo's
> yesterday to do it again. Ryan is using the Minimed 507c. I've been
> practicing on and off since we got home and I still end up with bubbles in
> the neck.I flick them out but they seem to multiply.  Any help would be
> appreciated. We are on our own again tomorrow. thanks, Susan

As a new pumper, I've been working on that item, too.

It seems to me that if you flick Humalog TOO hard, it gets bubblier, not
the reverse!

So I've been drawing it up and letting it sit upright a few minutes --
it will balance on a table! -- waiting for all the air bubbles to come
to the top. Then I manually push them out BEFORE I attach the hose. Of
course, I waste a little insulin that way, because some insulin comes
out too, but I think it's worth it. Then I make sure the insulin has a
little "dome" at the top of the syringe attachment, and then put on the
hose; then I SLOWLY manually push the insulin through the tube. I've
done this the last 2 set changes and it has worked very well for me. 

This is in contrast to my first set change, where I had a 2-inch gap in
the line, and had to wait for it to get to the disconnector so I could
prime it out!

We do get better at this with experience!


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