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Re: [IP] Bad First Day

At 04:01 AM 3/30/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
>Hi all,  Sam,  They did start me off at 0.7 but when I kept dropping even
>after snacking with no additional insulin, they changed it to 0 and kept me
>testing and bolusing during the night.  I am going to bolus and start the
>basal and .6 today.   I, too, need more in the morning (actually from 4:00 a.m
>- 11:00 a.m. and then less in the afternoon.   I do have Walsh's book.  I hope
>today will be better.  The group has been fantastic.  I would have felt so
>overwhelmed and  and alone without all of you.   Thanks again.  Ronee

Hang in there and keep in touch. Things will get better... honest!! There 
is just a lot of new things to get used to all at once.

Getting your basals right is the hardest part (at least it was for me). 
Once you can stay fairly level without eating, you know that you have them 
right. Then you just need to bolus for the food that you eat. Makes going 
to a restaurant easy... I bolus only after the food is served. No sweating 
out slow service that way.


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