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Re: [IP] Itchy Belly!

On 30 Mar 99 at 11:52, Kim Hughes wrote:

> Is anyone having problems with their site itching?  Mine is driving me
> crazy! ...snip...  Any
> suggestions?

Try removing the adhesive on the SofSet.  I'm allergic to the little plastic 
tab that's left on one side when you take the paper off - I have to cut it off 
before putting the softset in.  I take a sharp knive or single edged razor and 
cut through the paper and adhesive plastic (it's more like double sided tape) 
and remove the colored tab.  That leaves enough adhesive so the set sticks in 
place but I don't have the itching and redness that I do with the tab left in 

> I've also been reading about the battery problem.  I am lucky to get 3
> weeks out of my batteries if I use Minimed ones.  The Everready batteries I
> bought only lasted three days!

Battery life is dependent on the use of your pump - total dosage, basal rates 
and how much you tinker with it.  If you use the audio bolus, backlight or some 
of the other features like the automatic shut off the battery life decreases 
quickly.   I normally get about 4 weeks out of a set of batteries.  
Randall P. Winchester
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