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[IP] Info for UK campaign

Hi All
I have been observing the list for just over a week now and you seem a pretty switched on bunch, so can you help me?
I am trying to promote awareness of pump therapy in the UK and I need lots of info, I am trying to convince health authority people, whose only experience is from the "bad old days" of over 10 years ago.
So how can I persuade them that the modern pumps are the way to go?
I have been on a Disetronic pump since June 1998 and I KNOW that pump therapy it is the best way forward, so much so, that I have formed a support group to promote it but it is like trying to "fork water uphill". So any suggestions?
What, in your opinions, are the advantages of the pump?
What do you think the disadavantages pump are?
I know there are lots of bright people out there using pumps, so please give me the benefit of your knowledge.
We have just over 200 in the whole of the UK, so you can see why we need help.
Thanks in anticipation.
John Davis.