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[IP] Itchy Belly!

Is anyone having problems with their site itching?  Mine is driving me
crazy!  I am using the Minimed Sofset QR, IV 3000 dressing and using IV
Prep before inserting.  The problem has been recent, well the past 6 weeks.
 I have been on the Minimed 507c since July of last year and did not have a
problem until recently.  I change my site every day because the longer I
leave it in the worse the problem gets, progressing to bleeding-I know,
gross!  The redness is confined to the area covered by the set and does not
extend out to under the dressing, so I don't think I am allergic to the
IV3000.  Any suggestions?

I've also been reading about the battery problem.  I am lucky to get 3
weeks out of my batteries if I use Minimed ones.  The Everready batteries I
bought only lasted three days!  Minimed (a tech support supervisor, no
less) says the problem is my fault because I stored the batteries in the
frig (like the user manual says) but then when the problem didn't get any
better after leaving them out of the frig it was my fault because I didn't
store them properly, ie according to the directions in the user manual
which says keep them in the frig!  My pump also looses time and sometimes
the display is screwy, but according to Minimed there is nothing wrong with
the pump.  Just wanted to "vent" my frustrations about Minimed!  ;-(

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