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[IP] basal rates

Question:  Erica's sugars consistently go up after 11:30pm.until mid
Most nights we see this....  11:30pm-108, 3:00am- 234, 7:00am-180
My question is, if we want to stop the gradual rise in blood sugars
around midnight to 3am, when do we increase the basal rate....would it
be 1-2 hours before the actual onset of increased blood sugars and then
lower the basal rate 1-2 hours before it actually starts to show a
pattern of coming down?  Most of the literature is based on Regular
insulin and Humalog is so much faster.

Today at lunch I thought we were in trouble.  I was Easter shopping this
morning and had my phone calls forwarded to my cell phone. When Erica
called me with her recess  BG reading it was a tad high so we added .2
to her bolus to bring it down some.  When she came home for lunch she
was 324!  Yikes!  My first thought was oh oh, time to change the site.
I had the checked the site before she left for school.  It looked fine,
there were no bubbles in the tubing so off she went.  There was a hint
of panic as I would only have 45 minutes to prep her and insert the new
set!  I stopped for a second and said "Erica, did you do your bolus when
you got off the phone this morning?"  She looked a little puzzled, then
a little smile and when we looked at the pump we found the answer.  Last
bolus 7:30am.  What a relief it was that it was something so easily
corrected! PHEW!

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