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[IP] batteries

hi Linda!
regarding batteries, i was just thinking of mine the other day
they have lasted well over three months and i was wondering if i should
change them even though i haven't had a warning
in fact since i started pumping last summer, i have only changed batteries,
upon getting warning, three times.  i had thought they last only a month.
that said, once at work the power ran out after something like 6-8 hours --
it wasn't an incredibly long period of time.  and if tyou let the pump go
without power for too long (i think maybe over 1-2 hours), the memory even
shuts down.  that day, i had to reprogram everything and it was a pain.  i
would carry the batteries in your purse -- why did the ones you have not
work, that is strange?  i get the ones direct from minimed which are more
expensive but seem to last longer.  good luck!

--kelly (email @ redacted)

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