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[IP] Talking about DM

Sheila Sweat wrote:
> My husband got angry with me recently and
> slipped and said he was tired of hearing me talk and worry about my health.
> I hope that one day that I can maybe relax a little and not dwell on it so
> much.  I thought that maybe when I started pumping I would be able to not
> talk as much.  Sometimes I think I'm maybe neurotic  the way I sound. I
> wonder once the numbers are adjusted if it does get better. 

When I was in my 20's, I remember hearing my contemporaries complain
about how all older people seemed to want to do was talk about their
illnesses, and how boring and uncouth it was. 

People who have never had to deal with a chronic diseases TRULY don't
know what it feels like, and how important and necessary it is to talk
about it. Especially DM, because you're constantly having to think about
your food intake, and monitor how you're feeling. It NEVER takes a
holiday! It NEVER entirely leaves your mind, although when you're doing
well, it make take a back seat from time to time.

That's why I'm glad to have lists like these, because you CAN talk about
it and release your feelings, and not have to burden your family and
friends with it. Non-DMers, no matter HOW much they love you, cannot
understand the way other DMers can, and so I think it's a matter of
knowing when you can and when you can't talk about it in depth.

Good luck!

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