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Re: [IP] high blood sugars

On 27 Mar 99 at 20:33, Sheila Sweat wrote:

> Tammy,
>      I know what you mean.  My husband got angry with me recently and
> slipped and said he was tired of hearing me talk and worry about my health.

Sometimes my wife gets annoyed when I mention something about problems that 
day, but then a while later she asks what my bg level is...  One day she told 
me that her problem is that as a nurse and spouse she wants to be able to do 
more to help and gets frustrated because she can't do much.  There is a certain 
burden that our family members end up sharing with us.

> I  hope that one day that I can maybe relax a little and not dwell on it so much.
>  I thought that maybe when I started pumping I would be able to not talk as
> much.  Sometimes I think I'm maybe neurotic  the way I sound. I wonder once
> the numbers are adjusted if it does get better. 

It does get a little better, with experience and time.  Once you get all the 
basal rates, ratios and timing issues figured out and well practiced you can 
even get to the point where some days you can go for a while without being 
worried about it...  

> I have a real fear of
> something happening to me and noone knowing what is wrong and having 4 young
> children that I am often home alone with doesn't make it any easier. It is
> hard. It is nice to know that I'm not alone in the way I feel.Sheila

Based on the age of the children this is a hard question.  I don't think there 
is an easy resolution either.  If the children are old enough to teach them how 
to call a family member, friend or EMS if you are unconcious or even old enough 
to get you the sugar tabs if you start acting strange it might be possible to 
work something out.  I'm trying to teach my boys that if I start acting strange 
or my temper gets real short they should get my sugar tabs and ask me to eat 

Randall P. Winchester
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