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Re: [IP] Bad First Day

At 06:35 PM 3/29/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
>Hi all,  Last night at dinner I took my usual dose of 5H and 7 U.  This
>morning, in preparation for starting the pump, I was told to eliminate the 7U
>at breakfast and reduce my R from 14 to 10.  I was in the low 200's when
>starting on the pump.  I had my usual mid-morning snack and then was 270.  I
>knew my sugar was going to drop.  When I got back to the office my sugar was
>220 so I boused 1 extra unit plus the 3 for my lunch (1:15).  Two hours after
>lunch my bg was 170.   I had a mid afternoon snack.  When it was time 
>to >leave
>I hope tomorrow is a better day.  One of the
>main reasons I went on the pump was to stabilize my bg.    I'm not a very
>happy camper at this point.

Be patient and test often... it may take as long as 2-3 months to get your 
basals to where they should be. And, it might take a few days before all 
your "U" insulin gets out of your system. That means you will be up and 
down for a while things settle in. We've all been through this stage and 
survived. So you can get lots of help here.

One reason that you may not feel the lows as much now, is that you may be 
dropping more slowly than before. That means the signs may be more subtle. 
Unless you are hypo-impaired, you will get used to the warning signs.

One thing that you might want to think about is changing your eating 
patterns. You really don't need the rigid mid-meal/post-meal snacks any 
more. And, any time you do eat, you want to start thinking about bolusing 
for the carbs you take in. Your meal flexibility is one feature you will 
love, once you get used to the basics of pumping. Just ask lots of 
questions, we'll be here.


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