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Re: [IP] Bad First Day


Try to stick it out. Things will not change instantly. It does take time,
it does take effort. For many of us, the results are worth the extra effort
and initial frustrations. My health care team explained when I started out,
"it's like re learning Diabetes 101". It's a different way of dealing with
this disease.

Your numbers don't really look that bad for your first day. Your body is
going through some adjusting, and will be doing so for a while. Considering
that you are starting out with "estimated" basals and boluses, you did
quite well. It looks like your snack elevated your BG (which is a normal
result), and you had some lows. That's to be expected in the beginning.

Try to deal with the lows using glucose tabs - I kept a large supply handy
when I first started out. They are more predictable than snacking to treat

Follow the directions of your health care team for dealing with the highs
as well, and try not to be too "aggressive" with boluses for highs. As you
set your basal rates and learn the proper amount to bolus for high BGs,
things will start to come into line for you.

"Pumping Insulin" by John Walsh is a great read, contains lots of good

Keep us updated on your progress. Most of us have been through the same
thing when we started. It's good to share this.

Bob Burnett

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