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Re: [IP] Supply provider for BC/BS in Georgia

OK... here goes.... (i have spent more hours of my life dealing with 
this than i care to bore you with, but if you have any questions, feel 
free to email)

I have had many, many, MANY problems with minimed and bc/bs of central 

Here are some conclusions that I came to(it may be different for your 
plan)... they can bill supplies through bc/bs of CA, only if they get 
permission from your plan. they are conneceted but in a silly roundabout 
sort of way, if your plan does not give this permission, then bc/bs will 
send you a check which can in turn be forwarded to minimed.  

The problem with this system is that it depends on who minimed talks to 
at your branch of bc/bs, some reps have approved billing through CA and 
other request that you go through their office(all for the same plan).  
One thing that i can tell you is that i have had more problems dealing 
with the combination of minimed and BC/BS than I can count in the past 2 

One word of advice... order supplies early!  I have had times where 
minimed was confused about orders and never bothered to contact me-- 
when i started to get dangerously low on supplies, i called, then they 
informed me that there were problems and nothing was sent yet!  I have 
never had a problem getting anything covered, you just have to jump 
through the hoops and red tape to get there.  Let me know how it goes.  
I would be interested in knowing if it is just me or if the problem is 

One other word of advice ALWAYS deal with the same minimed office, 
somehow I ended up with California and Flordia going at the same time, 
they may both be minimed but the computers are not connected and the 
right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing.  Personally, I 
prefer the Cal. office.

Joy Spoljaric
DM '82
MM507 '97
Pharm.D. '99

On Mon, 29 Mar 1999, Ginny Kloth wrote:

> Does anyone have BC/BS Blue Choice  PPO in Georgia?
> I am talking with them on the phone now and they do not seem to have a
> supplier
> of pump supplies listed..
> If anyone on the list is in GA and on BC/BS Blue Choice PPO and gets 
> supplies from anywhere..please email me
> Ginny
> PS I cannot order from Minimed as they are not a BC/BS provider..

MM is a BS provider. You can order and have them bill through the 
rather than direct to the Georgia BS. Talk to BS about this and they 
should be able to explain.

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