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Re: [IP] Bad First Day

Hi all,  Last night at dinner I took my usual dose of 5H and 7 U.  This
morning, in preparation for starting the pump, I was told to eliminate the 7U
at breakfast and reduce my R from 14 to 10.  I was in the low 200's when
starting on the pump.  I had my usual mid-morning snack and then was 270.  I
knew my sugar was going to drop.  When I got back to the office my sugar was
220 so I boused 1 extra unit plus the 3 for my lunch (1:15).  Two hours after
lunch my bg was 170.   I had a mid afternoon snack.  When it was time to leave
my office I tested and was 84.  I ate a snack and 20 minutes later it was 73.
I ate more until it was up to 120.   While driving I tested again and it was
160.  I came home and prepared dinner and tested to bolus before dinner and it
was 56.   I ended up calling the endo on call at the hospital.  He called the
minimed trainer and it was decided that I should set my basal from .7 to 0 and
bolus 1 unit less for dinner.   After having juice and a snack I was able to
bring it up to 120 before I bolused for dinner.   I was told to keep checking
and bolus during the night if it is high.   I am to start my basal in the
morning at .6.  Do you think the lows are due to the 7 units of U taken at
dinner yesterday.   Could a basal of .7 make me hypo so quickly after eating a
snack to correct the last one?   What is also very scary was that I did not
have symptons of either low.    I hope tomorrow is a better day.  One of the
main reasons I went on the pump was to stabilize my bg.    I'm not a very
happy camper at this point.  Ronee
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