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Re: [IP] Supply provider for BC/BS in Georgia

Ginny Kloth wrote:
> Does anyone have BC/BS Blue Choice  PPO in Georgia?

No, but I am on a BC/BS (Anthem) plan in Ohio.
> I am talking with them on the phone now and they do not seem to have a
> supplier
> of pump supplies listed..

Neither did Anthem here, but they let me buy from the supplier I had 
before moving here and signing up with them. Sionce they aren't contracted 
I get a check mailed from Anthem and have to forward it to my provider, 
but5 it doesn't seem to be any problem. Can you ask them if they will let you
do that, then contact a mail-order supplier to set it up?

I think I've seen ads from some in VA and FL, which might be better choices 
for you there instead of the oneshere in OH (most of them). They have
ads in the ADDA Forecast and other diabetes magazines. Some even have webpages.

I just found some saved messages with some info:

You can get them from Diabetic Promotions ( Mail ) 1-800-433-1477 E-Mail
email @ redacted
and Diabetics Wholesale Club 1-800-925-8299
and on the internet at http://www.nextgenhealth.com/

FOR FITNESS 1-800-993-4223, through them I pay 0%. 

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

> If anyone on the list is in GA and on BC/BS Blue Choice PPO and gets pump
> supplies from anywhere..please email me
> Ginny
> PS I cannot order from Minimed as they are not a BC/BS provider..
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