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Re: [IP] Emergencies-Ped. endo 2 1/2 hours away

> We are still anxiously awaiting our appt. with our new ped. endo. 
> But I was wondering, our ped.endo/hospital is 2 1/2 hours away, what
> do you do when there is an emergency? 
The same thing you would do now.

You should have at home.
1) lots of glucose tabs
2) tubes of glucose gel
3)glucagon emergency kit (only give 1/2 dose)

You want to wait around for an EMT team or get it done quick?

Here is what I do with my daughter.

If she is low and still functioning (27 is the lowest so far like 
this). I just monitor her activity and make sure she gets in enough 
glucose to get her up to 150 as a first step. Test every 10-15 
minutes. Usually the first step gets her up to 50 - 100. The next 
step is to give additonal glucose with a target of 120. We repeat 
this until she stabalizes. A snack may be in order once the amount of 
unused insulin has been estimated.

If she is unconscious but still has a gag reflex (only happened once) 
she gets a whole tube of glucose gel, orally and smeared on her gums. 
There are two sizes of gel 25 grams and 50 grams. You want to get 50 
IN! slowly over a couple of minutes so there is no danger of 
aspiration. This makes a huge mess, but works in about 10 - 15 
minutes. Lily did not come around fully so she was truly responsive 
for almost half an hour, but she was awake (but not home) after about 
10 - 15 minutes.

Have not used the glucagon, but there was a thread about this a few 
months ago, and a debate about effectiveness vs using glucose. When 
in doubt, use the glucagon. Your child will probably feel like crap 
for the next day, but it won't hurt him.

My opinion is that the glucose will work as fast and does not deplete 
the body's energy store. If it does not work, the glucagon is still 
and option. But what do I know???

> There is a hospital 5 min
> away but, we are hoping for Alex to be on the pump by summer and our
> reg. ped. doesn't know anything about pumps.  I know this is a
The folks at either hospital will probably know less about what to do 
than you. Pump patients are a rarity.

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