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Re: [IP] Supply provider for BC/BS in Georgia

I was told by BC/BS that MM is out of netwrok and we would have to pay out of
pocket..I am so upset. The people at BC/BS have no idea what I am even talking

At 02:06 PM 3/29/99 , you wrote:
>On Mon, 29 Mar 1999, Ginny Kloth wrote:
>> Does anyone have BC/BS Blue Choice  PPO in Georgia?
>> I am talking with them on the phone now and they do not seem to have a
>> supplier
>> of pump supplies listed..
>> If anyone on the list is in GA and on BC/BS Blue Choice PPO and gets pump
>> supplies from anywhere..please email me
>> Ginny
>> PS I cannot order from Minimed as they are not a BC/BS provider..
>MM is a BS provider. You can order and have them bill through the network 
>rather than direct to the Georgia BS. Talk to BS about this and they 
>should be able to explain.
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