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[IP] Good to the last drop?

I'm relatively new to pumping (1/29/99) and need your help.  Unlike Maxwell
House coffee, it appears that Humalog is NOT good to the last drop!  I can get
three cartridge fillings out of a vial of Humalog, but the last one never
seems to be as effective as the first two were.  Is this just coincidence or
is the H losing its potency as it gets air injected into it,  comes in contact
with the inside of the cartridge and is pushed back into the vial while
filling, warming and re-cooling, etc?  I keep it refrigerated between uses.  I
used to keep my vial of H at room temp when I was injecting and it always
seemed OK, but this definitely seems to have a problem by the time I reach the
3rd use.  Any ideas?  
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