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[IP] Hints..tips

Hi everyone,
Just to let you know, I am still printing off all the hints/tips/advice
that I keep getting from all of you.  My binder is growing and I can't
wait to show it to the Endo next visit on  April 6th.  This would have
been a regular 6 month visit with her while on injections, but even
though she saw Erica on March17 to put her on the pump, we decided to
keep the visit and see  how things were going.  I CAN'T WAIT!
Last insertion was in the butt, high, below the beltline.  It went in
like butter, unlike the alligator skin on her tummy.  Surprised me!
Anyway, the absorption rate seems quite different there as I have had to
keep her basals up.  More fat?  Regardless, it is easily corrected with
a bolus and she is off and running again.  We will figure things out
from following our records and finding a pattern...and of course
checking the Binder and the Pumping book!  Lots of detective work for
this stuff....good thing I like Mystery and Intrigue!!
Thanks pumpers!

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