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[IP] Re Erica

We wish Erica was brave enough to do the insertions herself, we could
never get her to do the regular injections on her own.  Needle phobe I
guess.    We had to get an Autoject  so she could load her insulin in a
needle, put the needle in the autoject, and IT did the puncture AND
pushed in the insulin too.  We will be working on making her comfortable
with insertions hopefully, but she is more than content to allow us to
do it for now.  This will be important for her in time, as right now my
husband and I are the only ones who can do it for her and that is
limiting....to a small degree.  Oh well,  one thing at a time.  I wish
she was as brave as Lily!  Good for her!

>You might see if your daughter wishes to do it by herself. She is old
enough. She may wish you to sit and watch, and I know it is hard to
not help. But the kids gain so much confidence when they do this.<

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