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Re: [IP] Ecuador

> I will be in Ecuador for the whole month of
> June.  First we will be in the Amazon River
> basin.  Hot and steamy.  Then back in Quito,
> which is two miles high, for excursions higher
> into the Andes.  Does anyone have any
> experience at high altitudes?

The subject of altitude and affect on basal
needs came up on the disetronic chat several
months ago.  The thinner air means it takes
more energy to breathe and circulate blood.
The effect may not last long but some need
a lower basal initially.  This is probably 
another YMMV area.

http://www.idea2000.org/main.htm is the web
site of a group of people with diabetes who
plan to climb one of the highest mountains
in South America. Several of the group are
pumpers.  You might be able to get some
information from them.

For those who can't image mountain climbing
like me, the site is still interesting.

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